Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag!

Last fall, I was in need of a new handbag and finding the right bag for everyday use is always stressful for me. I mean I need something to accommodate:

• keys
• cell phone
• ipod
• palm pilot
• digital camera
• flip (video camera)
• wallet
• multiple pens
• make-up bag
• Excedrin
• book-of-the-moment

And, of course, everything the kids try to handoff including water bottles, action figures, Leapsters, tissues,---- I’m sure you get the idea. I also don’t like having to shuffle two bags if at all possible, so if I can stash my lunch or at least an apple, I’m peachy.

I’ve never understood women who seem to get away with using those little clutches or compact bags with the short straps that fit snuggly right below the armpit. These have never worked for me.

So, back to last fall… I was bemoaning my handbag search to my girl, Lori, and she suggested I get a Timbuk2 messenger bag. I checked out their website and fell head-over-heals in love with the bags, while spending a lot of time trying to determine exact color combination that would work for me.

Once my bag came in the mail, I loaded it with all my crap and assumed my urban warrior stride, with the bag happily bumping along my hip. Things were going along smoothly for months until a few weeks ago when I noticed my shoulder was a bit sore and the bag was overflowing with more than my usual unnecessary “stuff.” My mom urged me to de-clutter and give the messenger bag a rest. I protested, but after a few days, I had to admit things had gotten out of hand.

With a total lack of enthusiasm I began to look for a new bag. Nothing seemed right, one was too small, the other too big, or just plain ugly. Finally, right before Mother’s Day, Olivia and I found what I thought would be a suitable replacement and fortunately, it was also within my price range. But, after just after three days, I was sick of having to dig deep through multiple compartments just to find my keys or a ringing cell phone.

About this time, I was heading out to a party and decided to use a cute, handmade bag given to me last summer by my cousin, Allyson. She always gives me the great gifts. I was pleasantly surprised because everything, sans the book-of-the-moment and my lunch, fit just fine and on top of this it seems to work with everything in my wardrobe.

Sure, the appearance of space can be deceiving, but this also proves I really don’t need to haul all that junk I thought I just couldn’t live without in that messenger bag.

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