Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This is a prime example of what Mr. Bill Cosby is talking about--- where are the teachers, school administrators, security or even the janitorial staff? I mean DAMN, isn’t there at least one adult in this school that has the sense to shut down this sort of display? It’s downright disgraceful. I wonder what the parents of these students had to say once they caught their kids on YouTube acting a complete fool?

It’s so sad that as we’re about to see the first African American win the Democratic nomination for this year’s presidential campaign, our young people are degrading themselves in such an abhorrent fashion. Pitiful!

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Anonymous said...

Between this story and the hateful posters that are popping up in the Philadelphia area about minorities being responsible killing people, not guns, I have had to double up on my prayers for my people. We have a rich heritage, thanks to our ancestors, but many of us don't think about their struggles. If we did, we wouldn't do some of the things we do. We come from a people who survived the middle passage and beyond; who made something out of nothing and this is how we honor them? Lord, help us.