Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brazile Holds It Down

Now for a word about the recent political punditry and media coverage… On Tuesday evening I turned on CNN just as Democratic political consultant (and super delegate) Donna Brazile PUT IT DOWN and expressed what I’ve been feeling for months. Brazile made it clear how sick and tired she is of “some white Democrats” referring to the party as “my” or “mine,” and not “ours.” She called folks on their use of “coded language,” and the lack of inclusiveness when detailing the diverse demographics of the party and finally, she stepped to Campbell Brown when Brown foolishly pressed Brazile on being undecided in regards to her preference between Obama and Clinton. Brazile clarified that she’s never claimed to be undecided, but as a super delegate, she’s “undeclared.” Campbell paused, and then went on to try to bait Brazile and force her to step forward with her declaration. Brazile refused to take the bait and did as she’s done throughout the entire primary season--- stood her ground and made her case for a fair and unbiased process.

It was during this exchange that it became perfectly clear why I’ve grown to dislike Campbell Brown since her move from NBC to CNN. Brown's been awarded with the prime 8pm slot, immediately following Lou Dobbs, and prior to Larry King. In an attempt to shake her “girl next door” persona, she’s assumed the role of a “baiter.” Instead of engaging her guests in a conversation/dialogue, she seems to assume what she wants them to say and tries her best to “bait” or “goad” them to provide her presumed appropriate response. If her guests don’t agree with her or if she feels she hasn’t been successful in getting what she wants, she’ll rephrase the question three or four times in a doggish manner to get the goods, sometimes meeting with success, but most often, not. It’s really annoying.

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Los Angelista said...

She is fabulous. I saw this clip on Huffpost and was sooo impressed with her. I'd never watched Campbell Brown on CNN before. Gosh, she has changed! My TV boycott is rolling into week three because I just could not take the punditry and all the flat out racist stuff they say and no one calls them on it.