Sunday, May 18, 2008

10 Years Ago This Week

I met Loverman ten years ago this week. We met at the Cannes Film Festival. I was working in the American Pavilion at the festival and Loverman was working for the now-defunct October Films. Up until this trip to the festival, I was convinced I would probably end up marrying someone I already knew, but during the weeks leading up to my trip, I started to get the sense that something life-changing was awaiting me in France. This feeling was so strong that when my then boyfriend, asked if he could come and visit at some point during my six week trip to France, I declined and made some lame excuse as to why I didn’t think this was a good idea.

I felt more like the self I believed I was destined to be the moment I set foot in Nice. Strolling around the French Rivera, lunching and shopping along La Croisette, watching an endless roster of films, all of this suited me to a T.

Other than those appearing in movies screening at Cannes, there aren’t many African Americans at the festival and it didn’t take long for the few of us to find each other. After just a few days folks kept asking me if I’d met the brother from October Films. In fact, it became a running joke because it seemed Loverman had always just left the room/party/restaurant five or ten minutes before I’d arrive. Finally, we were introduced as I was sitting with a group of friends at the American Pavilion. It was Loverman’s last day at the festival and he was passing through, touching base with a few associates before his departure. We hit it off immediately, spent the rest of the afternoon talking, had dinner together and before day’s end I knew I’d be with this man for the rest of my life.

Loverman postponed his flight and asked me if I’d travel with him to Corsica for a few days. I agreed without hesitation, and at some point during that evening I made my way to the internet to find out where in the hell was Corsica. I made a call home to my family to let them know that I was extending my trip, assuring them I was traveling with college friends, because even at 33, I was still my parents’ only child and didn’t flaunt my grown-ass woman-ness in my daddy’s face.

After three days in Corsica, another two in Nice, I returned home completely in love. Although I was euphoric, I was also at peace because I knew all along this trip would be life changing.

Since our meeting ten years ago, we’ve married, had two children and built a really great life. We did travel to Cannes again when Olivia was a year old, but I have to admit that every year when Hollywood and the European film scene turns its sights on Cannes, I become a bit wistful and wonder how can it go on without us.

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