Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A New Fix for a News Junkie

I am a functional news junkie. I use the word “functional” because I’ve learned to employ little tricks to curb my habit. One of these tricks includes not watching the 24-hour news channels, i.e. CNN, on primary nights, because if I do I end up sleeping with one eye open watching the returns, which in turn makes me crazy and unbearable to deal with the following day.

I recently posted a rant detailing my intense dislike of Campbell Brown on CNN, when in fact, other than Mr. Straight-No-Chaser, Jack Cafferty, I’m getting fed up with more than a few of CNN’s anchors. In lieu of suffering through Campbell’s broadcasts, I’ve found a new guilty pleasure, Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. I’m obviously new to the Olbermann phenomenon, because Loverman’s hipped me to the fact that Olbermann’s been spinning his unique mojo since his days at ESPN, but new to the game or not, I’m digging this fine, smooth talker, who’s exhibiting a special brand of passion seldom seen on mainstream television news.

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the prisoner's wife said...

lol @ this.

i don't even watch CNN, something about it scream FAAAAAAKKKKEEE, not as fake as Fixed News (fox), but ya know. i LOVE Olbermann, have watched him since "The Big Show" on ESPN. he's WONDERFULLY funny & insighful all at once.