Sunday, February 17, 2008

Should of seen it coming

I understand man’s right to bear arms is written into our Constitution, but why in the hell would someone of sound mind and body need to purchase four guns in the span of six months?

It’s been reported that the fool who went on a rampage at Northern Illinois University purchased two guns on Feb. 9 in a Champaign gun store and he bought one gun, from the same store, on December 30 and his first gun purchase, again from the same vendor, back in the summer on Aug. 6th. Instead of protecting this sicko's Constitutional rights, someone should have alerted authorities and gotten this kid some help.

Sure, I may border on being a pacifist, but even if I begrudgingly understand one’s desire to own a firearm for hunting purposes, or even protection of one’s family and home, owning four different types of gun, by one person, can only be described as excessive and cowering behind the tenets of the Constitution offers little solace to the victims of this latest carnage on a college campus.

I’d also like to offer a small suggestion to anyone out there considering following in the footsteps of this idiot, or the ones who preceded him, be a real maverick and instead of mowing down unsuspecting, innocent people, simply take the gun, put it to your head and pull the trigger… now you’ve done the world a great service.

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