Monday, February 4, 2008

More Lessons Learned

If anyone read my blog yesterday or earlier today, you’ll notice I removed my latest post. I removed it because the subject of the post (a high school student) asked me to and although I did not identify her by name, it’s become apparent that my post and its reach made things a bit stressful for her and that was not my intention.

I wrote the post in an attempt to gain perspective on a situation and I solidly stand behind what I wrote. If the subject of the post had been an adult, I probably would have let the post remain. But my experience with this young lady was neither wholly positive, or negative, and as a mother of a young girl, I am particularly interested in the space where teenage girls currently inhabit and I realize that as a teenager she is still growing and learning.

As I told the young girl, her actions have repercussions, and again, I meant her no harm. I, too, have learned an important lesson, that in spite of the limited responses I receive to various posts, people are reading and my reach and scope may be deep and wide. It also reinforces my personal mandate to continue to be as truthful as possible, as well as mindful of how my words may impact others.


Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Mango Mama,

This says a lot about the power of blogging.

jillybean said...

Mango Mama,

RESPECT (I'm singing like ReeRee!)...I think the student found out what it means to her. The lesson that she should take from this incident is that it is always important to respect yourself and others...even when you THINK people aren't looking. By removing your post, you have shown her respect. Hopefully she will remember your example in the future.


Mama Kim said...

well damn, thats what i get for not keeping up. i never saw the post. could you send it to me privately?