Friday, September 12, 2008

Evangelical Christian Defined

Back in February in the thick of the Democratic and Republican primaries, I posted a short piece asking for someone… anyone to please define what the heck is an Evangelical Christian. I went on to ask if it was simply code for White, Christian, Ultra-Conservative

I didn’t get many responses to that post, but I continued to ask the question and about ten days ago while checking out Michel Martin’s Tell Me More blog detailing her experiences at the Republican National Convention I decided to ask the question again. After a few days, I returned to her blog to see if she or anyone on her staff had responded--- and they hadn’t. But, Wednesday when checking my email, I received a request from one of the show’s producers asking if I would be willing to be recorded asking the question for use on today’s broadcast. They invited two religious leaders to respond to my question during the show’s weekly segment, Faith Matters. Check it out--- listen here! Be sure to click on Questions Abound About Palin's Faith.


toni said...

what a coincidence! i was just listening to the podcast of this show today at work and was really happy that someone posed the question. i am not sure, though, that their answer satisfied me. still a little confused about it. but anyway, thanks for asking the question.

Mango Mama said...

Toni, I'm with you. I'm not too sure if I'm and clearer on the whole thing myself, but I am happy to know others are struggling with the issue and at least Tell Me More made the effort to get the question answered.

Thanks for visiting!

Afi Scruggs said...

Sorry I missed it! But I can answer.

At its most basic, an evangelical Christian believes in spreading God's word through testifying, missionary work, etc. (Evangelizing)

Pentacostals date to the Azusa street revival that started in 1907 - by a black preacher - as an urban revival in Los Angeles. In the beginning, the movement was integrated, but the white Pentacostals broke off from the movement.

There are black Evangelicals and Pentacostals: Church of God in Christ came right out of the Azusa Street movement.

Mango Mama said...

Miss Afi, You are one bad mamma-jamma! Thanks so much for this detailed definition. I should have known you could set me straight.

rebecca said...

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