Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Too Sweet, Sweet Tooth

My baby boy needs major dental work. He’s suffering from cavities in his upper back teeth on both sides and after my discussion with his pediatric dentist today, we’re looking at no less than three appointments for extractions. Now, before you jump on me about indulging the little guy with too much candy, let me explain that the boy’s current state of dental damage is due to his nursing too long and at will throughout the night and the natural sugars in my breastmilk would sit on his teeth until he brushed them in the morning. Not good.

Yes, I am a proud former breastfeeder, no… let me be more specific, I was a human Häagen Daz machine and I couldn’t pry this boy off the boob until he was 3 yrs. old and even then, it was a delicate negotiation not unlike the Cuban Missile Crisis. I enjoyed nursing and thought Yannick would wean naturally himself like his older sister, but after making a few halfhearted attempts, it became painfully clear that this boy would nurse until adulthood unless I took drastic action. I broke him off cold turkey, but now I realize the damage was already done.

So, now we’ve got to help our little guy weather this new storm. I’m sure it won’t be pretty, especially because Yannick can turn on the drama when he wants to, but unfortunately, we don’t have a choice. Looks like it may be a funky fall y’all.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I have a neighbor that had a similar dental situation. She needed teeth pulled and root canals. Everything went well and she was back at school the next day. My advice is to be honest with your son - but play up the positive (such as money from the tooth fairy - if you do that sort of thing). By the way, My neighbor is now in 8th grade, her teeth are strong to the point that she is wearing braces.
Good luck! Susan Riccio

Mango Mama said...

Susan, Mango mama's mama mentioned you might share a comment with me. You're right, honesty is the best and of course, he's already estimating the amount of the booty the extracted teeth might warrant.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Okay -- how did -- what could have...? Um, alright besides the point he was past WALKING and full mouth of teeth and you tolerated this gives a whole new meaning to "child bearing years." LOL I know, I've been through my share of stuff with my two "heirs." But no really -- HOW did you rationalize this to your husband? I mean, my husband was ready to kick them into adulthood at age 2 -- when they could walk with authority. That you put up with teeth and unscheduled visits, really boggles the mind. I'm just saying... ;-)
Yeah, so now, ya gotta pay the price for spoiling Yannick. Well, I know how that goes: I remember sitting in the dentist office with all the maternal assurance that "my youngest couldn't POSSIBLY have cavities"; only to have the dental nurse show me one in the back molar. All my fears of dentists resurged: he'll have to have a filling... OMG -- I had my husband take him for that appointment... I was conveniently out of town. But he did well - a testament to his inner strength and spirit -- and the oral sedative they gave him. :-)
My son Jaden has been through minor surgery on his neck and stitches in his arm since then... I don't even want to count the resulting grey hairs I have -- I just keep the prayers up and the bottles of B18 brown on the shelf. I pass my spirit of strength to Jaden with every trip to the emergency room -- and I thank God there aren't that many so far. He's 6 now and he's my little "Spunk-meyer."
I say all this to say that if you tell your son it will be alright; then it will be. He draws from your strength and your husband's. Sure, there'll be some "drama" (actually, that's my oldest) but he's got 10 more years of curves to throw you. Be ready as always. Love you girl...Kira Harrell (and my THREE sons)
Oh yeah, and my Spunkmeyer would tell your son the teeth don't count because they didn't fall out.. they were pulled. LOL
--He told his brother the same thing when he pulled his first tooth at age 10. smart aleck...

Ananda said...

I am digging your blog. I discovered it this morning while reading the MeltingPot blog that Lori Tharps created. I love your stories. I think the members of BAP Living social networking site will enjjoy them too. So I will add your site as a BAP Living link. Many blessings. Peace, Ananda

PS: I subscribed to your blog so I won't miss what you are writing.

Mango Mama said...

Kira, Thanks for the guidance. You're absolutely right-- honesty is best. I'll definitely let you know how it goes.

Ananda, Welcome! Thanks for checking me out and hipping other folks to my spot. I'll definitely be checking out what's happening over at your spots. Be well.