Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting Personal

We’ve got less than 49 days until what may be the most important presidential election in our lifetime and things are getting tight. Being totally devoid of an agenda to address our hemorrhaging economy, failing education system and skyrocketing healthcare costs, McCain, his side-kick Palin, and the Republicans have resorted to outright lies and distortions in an effort to divert the American public from the real issues.

Yes, I am a proud and vocal Obama supporter. I have read many of his policy papers and support his positions. I believe this man is America’s best hope for securing a better future for my children. In past presidential elections, I was offered very little choice and I cast my vote for the lesser of two evils, but not this time. We have a real opportunity to do better, be better--- much better.

But, make no mistake, everyone does not feel as I do and despite the fact the choice is clear to me, I’ve encountered folks still sitting on the fence, proclaiming they haven’t made a choice yet, or who outright declare themselves as McCain supporters, or don’t offer an opinion either way. The lesson here--- don’t assume.

Believe me, voting for Obama is not a Black thing, or a Democratic, liberal thing, we’re beyond that, it’s all about striving for more than mediocrity. I’m not interested in electing a president who I’d be comfortable sitting down having a beer with. I want intelligence, integrity, thoughtfulness, diplomacy and vision.

Yes, I respect everyone’s right to vote for whomever they chose. Yes, on most issues, I’m mature enough to agree to disagree, but not when it comes to this presidential election. This is too personal. The stakes are too high and the McCain/Palin ticket has yet to demonstrate any sort of understanding or empathy for the issues me, my family and community are dealing with daily. In fact, their stump speeches are totally devoid of any specifics, offering little in terms of a policy change of the current Bush agenda.

So, for me it’s quite simple. A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote against Olivia and Yannick and that’s totally unacceptable.


Ms. Wooden Shoes said...

I also, am not interested in having a president that I could share a beer with. Or a president who is like me, because I know that I am not capable of being the leader of the free world. I want a president who is more intelligent, decisive and capable than I am and the current U.S. drinking buddy, so that we can begin to dig our way out of this mess. I too have two children whose future is at stake and, like you, I am not willing to put those futures into the hands of McCain/Palin. Yes we can (and we'd better).

Mango Mama said...

Ms. Wooden Shoes, I am so astounded when I hear folks fawning over Palin with comments like, "she can relate to me... I know her" then in the same breath whine that they just don't know Obama, especially when Obama has been out here for 24 months laying out his case for the presidency. It's simply thinly veiled racism.

Thanks for visiting. I'm looking forward to checking your blog regularly!

Nerd Girl said...

I wish people would pull off the "thin veil" of racism and just say "I will not vote for that man because he is black" and be done with it.

I have tried and tried to listen to McCain/Palin and find something, anything of substance. So far, nada. Believe me, I will be casting my vote for Yannick and Olivia and my Lovegirl, and the millions of children like them in this country.