Sunday, June 15, 2008

Being Sated

I may not be qualified to say this but, we’ve had a mighty fine Father’s Day, if I say so myself. I’m extremely happy about this, because Loverman’s birthday and Father’s Day are usually angst-filled days for me. I’m cool with finding gifts he’ll enjoy, but when it comes to cooking a meal to seal the deal of the day, I’m at a loss. Loverman is the cook in this family and unlike the kids and I; he doesn’t eat chicken and turkey, just fish and vegetables.

Before meeting Loverman, I was more than satisfied with my cooking skills. I was far from being a foodie, but I’d made many a man happy with a home-cooked meal. I remember the first meal I cooked Loverman--- it was baked flounder, with sautéed asparagus and potatoes. He politely cleaned his plate and commented on the evening’s wine selection. The next evening he offered to throw something together and let me tell you, from that day forward, I never looked back and he’s been handling most meals ever since. I’m not sure if I even remember the menu for that first meal, but whatever it was confirmed that I was out of my culinary league. This man can literally make something out of nothing when it comes to cooking in the kitchen and it’s prepared in such a way where you can literally taste his deep love and affection for you. Not only that, but he’s even skilled at cooking stuff he doesn’t even eat, like BBQ chicken or the Thanksgiving turkey. With my role of cook out the window, I’ve become the family baker and housekeeper. I see the kitchen as his artist’s canvas and I do my very best to make sure it’s in tip-top shape whenever he’s ready to go in there and do his thing.

So, back to today’s minor triumph--- over the past few years I have attempted to make him a special meal on Father’s Day and up until today, my efforts have received a lukewarm reception. I’m sure he doesn’t mean it, but his lack of enthusiasm when it comes to my cooking has done a bit of a job on my confidence in the kitchen. In spite of this I make attempts on his birthday and Father’s Day to give him a break from the kitchen. I scour cookbooks looking for just the right recipe, while trying not to feel anxious as the day approaches. This year, I mentioned my plans for today’s Father’s Day meal to my mom. I’d found a recipe for salmon stuffed with spinach I thought he’d like. My mom countered this suggestion with one of her own--- fried whiting, with candied sweet potatoes, sautéed collards, corn and corn bread muffins. Loverman loves fried whiting and my mom’s candied sweet potatoes. I agreed this was something I think I could handle and Loverman was sure to enjoy. Mom offered to hang out with me in the kitchen as I cooked today’s dinner.

I didn’t mention today’s carte du jour to Loverman until he asked what I was up to in the kitchen late this afternoon. I sensed he was a bit surprised, because on the rare occasion I choose to cook, he accuses me of cooking for the kids’ tastes and not his own. He may be right. They’re much easier to please.

When it came time to sit down and eat dinner, everyone seemed happy and ate well. Loverman went for seconds and thirds. Olivia housed the collards and Yannick asked for a second piece of fish. At the end of the meal we were all sated. My satisfaction came not only from being well fed, but for also preparing a meal that pleased and satisfied my man. The absolutely best, most wonderful father and husband I know.

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