Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not Your Average Joe

The other night, Olivia’s girlfriend (we’ll call her Haylie) from around the corner called and asked if she could come over and play once she finished dinner. Of course, she’s a lovely girl with wonderful manners (I’ll admit, I am a sucker for good manners).

Haylie showed up while my kids were still eating their own dinner and joined them at the kitchen table. Olivia finished her meal before Yannick, and after clearing her plate and putting her dishes in the dishwasher, she turned on her heals and she and Haylie headed out the kitchen towards the front door. Before they got completely out of earshot, Mr. Yannick offered an “Au revoir Haylie,” but it wasn’t in his usual six year-old voice, he actually mustered up a sexy little growl that spoke volumes. It certainly got the young lady’s attention because Haylie turned around and gave my little Mack Daddy a sweet smile and said, “bye Yannick.” He seemed utterly satisfied with his efforts and her response.

Later that evening I recounted the story to Loverman and asked him why Yannick didn’t just say, “bye?” Why did he think Yannick needed to make an impression and practice the one French phrase he knew? Loverman turned the tables on me and asked, what did I expect, a simple, “See ya?” He reminded me we named the boy Yannick, not Malik, and he’s destined to be a bit more suave than your average Joe.

Lord help us!

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