Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snoop, a feminist?

Before I make this admission, let me first make the claim that under normal circumstances, mango mama would never be caught watching Snoop Dog’s Fatherhood, but this writers’ strike is starting to take a real toll on my viewing options.

The details outlining how I found myself checking out this show are irrelevant. What’s pertinent is that in one of the episodes, Snoop and his wife, Shante, are at a restaurant enjoying a romantic dinner, when Snoop gently encourages Shante to find a hustle. He jokingly goes on to say she spends a lot of time shopping, and filling their house with lots of things, but maybe she should take advantage of their financial resources to set herself up in a business venture of her own. He suggests maybe a couple of hair or nail salons. Shante looks at him with little interest, but Snoop continues and encourages her to get out there and get hers.

Now, I’m fully aware this so-called reality show is completely mediated, but the significance of Snoop’s point shouldn’t go unnoticed. From jump, my mother taught me, no matter what, I should always put a little something away for myself, to ensure my own financial stability, and although haven’t always heeded this advice, it’s still an important message. We’ve all been taught to have a “something” to fall back on. Too many times, women put all their eggs in their man’s basket, and when the relationship goes belly up, they’re left stone cold busted, without a pot to… well, you know the rest.

I’ll admit, I was surprised to see that Fatherhood Snoop is definitely not the same Snoop degrading women by leading them about with chains and leashes and referring to them as bitches and hoes, but who knew that in addition to his pimp persona, he’s also a closet feminist?


Liz said...

I'm with you on the writers strike. I can't take much more reality TV. UGH!

That sounds a little staged because didn't Shante have a little t-shirt line when they were on that episode of cribs? I'm pretty sure I remember that.

I don't think I could be her, married to a guy that degrades women outside the house and then comes and smiles up in my face.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Mango Mama,

"I don't think I could be her, married to a guy that degrades women outside the house and then comes and smiles up in my face."

Those are my sentiments exactly.

Mango Mama said...

Oh! The show is definitely staged and yes, she's signed a deal with a devil by marrying this guy, and that's why I think Shante should follow his advice and get herself set financially. Hopefully, one day she'll wake up. claim her self respect and decide to drop his tired ass, and if this happens, she'll at least not be so dependent on him.

QueenGeek said...

Well, I maybe in the minority but I like the show. No, I'm not a Snoop fan but I like the the fact that the show reveals a positive side to his life. With all the negative press for rappers and I'm glad there's a show that he is trying to instill some positive values with this children.

I have no idea what it's like to grow up poor and have my life surrounded by gangs. So, I suspect that if I had, then Snoop's life is vast improvement to that situation.

I'm glad that he's taking care of his wife and family and only hope that she is taking the necessary precautions to take care of herself.