Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Addiction

Yesterday, I came face-to-face with one of my greatest (and sweetest) temptations and I’m very proud to report that I did not succumb! This is a huge step for me because late last spring I developed a non-ceasing jones for Whole Foods lemon bars. My desire for this lemony treat was primal and I’d lost total control under its spell. I rationalized this indulgence by not eating an entire bar in one day, but even just a half a bar a day is way too much. Instead of eating the damn bar, I should have just slapped it up against by rear end and rubbed it in, because in my more rational moments I knew that’s exactly where it was headed.

The seriousness of this situation revealed itself one Sunday afternoon in August when I stopped by the local Whole Foods to pick up my week’s supply (like this alone wasn’t a red flag!) and they didn’t have any. I felt a bit stressed, but decided to just let my fingers do the walking and I came home, grabbed the Yellow Pages and called around to the other Whole Foods in the area, only to find that none of the stores had them available. Management told me, that there was a problem with the supplier. That’s when not only the real panic set in, but also disgust when I realized that I’d become tricked out by this little yellow bar.

Right then and there I decided to take control of the situation, but I wish I could report that I said adios to those lemon bars and never looked back, but that’s not what happened. I just moved on to another addition--- cupcakes, the world’s most perfect food. That’s right, when I couldn’t get my hands on the Whole Foods lemon bars, I went online and found a recipe for lemon cupcakes and baked the most scrumptious lemon cupcakes with butter cream frosting. The upside of this confectionary passion is that I enjoy baking the cupcakes a bit more than eating them, so I satisfy my craving with a few finger dips in the batter, then share the bounty of cupcakes with family, neighbors, co-workers, friends, the mailman--- anyone, just get them out of my house. My repertoire of recipes has expanded to chocolate chip cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and this weekend I’m going to try a delightful red velvet cupcake recipe--- Mmmmm!


Mama Kim said...

You have sure come a long way from "Apple Brown Betty"! or maybe not:)

jillybean said...

Oh Mango Mama I TOTALLY understand how you feel. I was a fiend for Wegman's double chocolate chip cookies this summer. I was making 20-30 minute trips to the store for three cookies. The cookies barely made it home (sometime they didn't). These cookies melted in my mouth and just tasted DELICIOUS. I realized that I was becoming "Dave the dope fiend shootin' dope" and had to back off of the cookies. It wasn't easy since two of my girls live 10 minutes away from the store. Self control slowly started to take over and now I have been double chocolate cookie free since August:)

Nerd Girl said...

Oooh. For me it was Archway Apple Oatmeal cookies! I worked at a grocery store and every night - yep, every night - I would buy a package, eat half of them before I got my car warmed up good and eat the other half before I woke up in the morning. I used to keep those bad boys on my nightstand, roll over in the middle of the night, eat one, and go right back to sleep! Thank God I was in my early twenties at the time - if I tried that now I'd be big as 2 or 3 houses :)

Mango Mama said...

O.k. Jillybean and Nerd Girl, You have totally made me feel a lot better about my compulsion. After reading your comments, I laughed till tears came to my eyes.

Mama Kim, I still make the Apple Brown Betty and now Miss Olivia is starting to make it on her own too. I can't believe you remembered that!