Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mommy Rule #232

This school year I adopted a new “mommy rule,” if the kids are off from school, mommy’s off from work.

I guess while treading the hamster’s wheel we call life, getting the kids to school on time, working a full-time job, homework, soccer practice, and all the other daily crap, I somehow missed that the kid’s school is closed tomorrow for staff professional development activities and Monday for Veteran’s Day--- oh, happy day or two!


Corina said...

Good rule! I think the schools forget that having the kids home from school is very difficult for working parents. Not everyone has a support system that allows them to take the kids to grandma's or to the lady around the corner that loves them like a grandma!

Staff development is essential. However, if it is done at times other than the normal school day, it costs more money to pay the teachers for coming in and it cuts down on the number of teachers who attend if they have to do it outside of school hours.

Difficult situation all around.

Enjoy your children and your days off from work!

Nerd Girl said...

Aaah, the joys of being a working mother. I have Monday off - Lovegirl's school is open. You can bet your bottom dollar that she will be there bright and early and I will be taking full advantage of my "mental health/Veteran's day!" Have a great weekend.

Mango Mama said...

Corina, You are so right, not only does the staff have a few of these development days scheduled throughout the year, but the school has early dismissal every Wednesday, so the teachers can have additional prep time. Now, I'm all very supporting the teachers, everyone doesn't have the flexibility or availability to leave work 3 hrs. early once a week. It's hard sometimes.

Nerd Girl, I remember when Olivia was a little itty-bitty baby, I couldn't imagine sending her to daycare/school when I had off, but once these kids start walking and talking, I, too, got over it and rushed them right out to school and enjoyed my solo day off. Enjoy your Monday--- you've earned it!