Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Being Mindful

So, we’re back at the Nile Swim Club this summer and this year it seems like we’re spending a lot more time at the pool because I’ve been appointed to the board and have been handling the coordination of the summer camps and facility rentals. Olivia picked right back up where she left off last summer and is swimming like a fish. Yannick is doing pretty good too and has been working on treading in 5 feet.

Most of the same lifeguards we had last year have returned and even though I remember them being playful with my two kids last year, this year I notice something a little different. I think my 10 year-old little girl may be flirting just a bit and enjoying the playful attention a tad more than I’m comfortable with. I’m not only one who noticed it either, my mom commented on it while she was hanging out with us at the pool the other day.

I’m not sure how I feel about this and I'm trying not to overreact because she isn’t acting inappropriately or anything, but I do want to make her aware that she’s growing up and mindful of what’s she’s projecting. I'm getting the sense that the hard work of raising my girl is really about to begin.


tnt5150 said...

I was admiring your daugthers headfull of lovely twist :) As for the flirting...i suggest the next time yu see a girl similar to her age also doing it ask your daugther what she thinks of her behaviour and start teh cnverstain fr0m there.

Nerd Girl said...

Flirting? At 10? Thank goodness mine is 4...looks like I've got about 5 years to prep myself for our future talks.

Mango Mama said...

tnt5150, Great suggestion... thanks! As I mentioned, it's not overt, but I do see her enjoying/acknowledging the attention more than in the past. Olivia is a pretty girl and folks often fawn over her head full of dreadlocks, and she's gracious and couldn't seem to care less about how she looks physically, but maybe she's becoming a bit more self-aware. But again, your suggestion is on point and I'll try it as soon as the situation presents itself.

Nerd Girl, Yes, mama! Brace yourself. You have a very bright and engaging girl.