Friday, April 25, 2008

Robin's New 'Do

I’m not sure if you caught this mini-milestone buried deep beneath the news of the PA primary, and the candidates as they move from PA to the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, and the ongoing saga of the children separated from their mothers living on the polygamist compound in Texas, but earlier this week, Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts shed the wig she wore since shedding her own hair due to chemo treatments.

Roberts, who’s been quite public with her battle with cancer and even strutted her stuff, sans wig and in all her grand baldness, down the runway during Isaac Mizrahi’s fashion show during this year’s Fashion Week in NYC.

But Miss Robin took it to a whole ‘nother level on Tuesday morning and announced it was time to bid adieu to the wig and explained she’s come to fully understand Indie. Arie’s I Am Not My Hair, and with that, she slipped off the wig and underneath she’s sporting the cutest close crop ‘do ever seen on morning television. She looks FABULOUS! The cut accentuates her cheekbones and her gorgeous eyes.

Now, we all know how deep the issue of hair runs with Black women, so the significance of Robin’s pronouncement should not go unnoticed, because I for one, am sick and tired of Black women and the prevalence of our long, cascading weaves, helmet-head wigs and here in Philly, we're overrun with those damn Pocahantas braids.

Although Robin's short hair is a byproduct of her cancer treatment and she’s not necessarily sporting it by choice, she’s taking short, natural hair a huge leap forward in terms of expanding the scope of both the standard and versatility of Black beauty in America. This simple act illustrates Robin’s commitment to staying true to her self in spite of how others may react or despite the public’s expectations of what’s an appropriate hair style for a morning anchor. She’s demonstrating self-love and acceptance, traits many of us need to exercise a bit more in our own lives.



Nerd Girl said...

It is very rare that I see GMA, since I leave my house at 6:30 for work. This morning it was on in the breakroom and I caught a glimpse of RR, and I thought - and said - that she looks great. She, and her hair, are beautiful!

I certainly hope that her courage and beauty inspire other women of color to embrace their natural hair and rock it fierce and proud!

(We have a news anchor here who's weave is so bad, my 3 year old noticed her "crooked hair."

T.I.C. said...

Ms. Roberts looks great with short hair. It does show her facial features and she is an attractive woman.

i think in tv news they want to maintain an unspoken image. straight hair is good hair and a less threatning look. Locks and natural hair stand out too much.