Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Primary Day

Well, here in Pennsylvania, today is the day we finally get to end all of the speculation and cast our vote for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. I’m so excited, because I do think Barackis going to better than anticipated. I’m also thrilled I’m able to share my primary experience with the readers of The Root. After the polls close this evening and all the votes have been tallied, attention will turn from Pennsylvania and move on to the remaining primaries in states like Indiana, North Carolina and Mississippi.

I’ll admit, I’m itching to get to the next phase of this process. I understand and support Hillary’s right to stay in the race, I just wish she’d chill with her kitchen sink strategy and stick with focusing on her own agenda. I’m also sick and tired of her “more experience” platform and if given an opportunity to speak with her directly, I’d explain that what she’s had is greater access, not more experience than Barack. Her role as First Lady provided her an invaluable first-hand view of what the President faces on a daily basis, but that access may not translate to ensure a successful presidency.

Bottom line is, it’s time for a new day and with the enthusiasm I’ve seen by the voters here in Pennsylvania, we are well on our way.

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Los Angelista said...

Whew, the PA primary is over!

I wish you could speak one on one with her. I just don't know if anybody's speaking honestly to her or if she even cares about the truth.