Monday, March 10, 2008

Random (Political) Thoughts

Clinton/Obama…A So-Called Dream Ticket?
Is Hillary crazy or what? Why in the world should Obama consider running as her vice presidential running mate when he’s leading in both the popular vote and pledged delegates? Until this weekend, according to Clintons’ assessment, Obama wasn’t qualified to be President, he isn’t ready, but now it looks as if they’re floating another desperate ploy to see how it will play in the media.

It’s laughable, offensive and just another example of the Clintons' unending sense of entitlement.

McCain’s Years As a Prisoner of War
Isn’t anyone concerned about the five years John McCain was a prisoner of war? In addition to the torture he sustained, what else did he endure? While Clinton and Obama feud over who’s been sufficiently vetted to run against McCain and the Republican Party, somebody needs to research what techniques where used on McCain during his 60 months of captivity. I’m not sure if someone whose time and activities are virtually unaccounted for, for this amount of time, should be eligible to run for the Presidency. Come on, I’ve seen the Manchurian Candidate and who knows what mind-bending tricks could have been played on this guy. His rise to the Presidency could be a part of a long-running plot to take this country into yet an even more unsavory direction. With him as President, one would always need to wonder who's really at the wheel?

Just Do Your Job
I am a political junkie, but I must admit, I’m getting sick and tired of the role the media has taken during this primary season. Instead of simply reporting the news, the U.S. media is dictating, and in many instances becoming the focus of the campaign.

A current example of the media dictating the focus of the Obama/Clinton primary fight is the media’s characterization of the delegate count as a ‘virtual tie.’ No, this is not true, it’s close, but a win is a win and at this stage in the game, Obama is leading Clinton in pledge delegates and the popular votes. Report the news as it is and stop using your reach and resources to frame the news to dictate your corporate agenda.

O.K., I’m packing up my soapbox for the evening. Thanks for letting me vent. I do feel a bit better now.

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Los Angelista said...

I can't believe how long this presidential race has been dragging on. They've been campaigning for over a year now. At this point whoever gets elected is going to have to start running for office again in a year and a half. Ugh.

And the media thinks they're running it. There are too many pundits out there these days.