Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's a girl gotta do?

This afternoon I caught the last half hour of the rebroadcast of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Now, all I want to know is how can I be down? I mean, DAMN! What’s a woman got to do to get on that show? Do you know anyone who’s ever participated in this gift fest? Is there some secret society? Shoot, it must be good, because I get goose bumps just watching the gift getting, and if I’m ever granted an invite to that particular party, all of us will benefit, cause Lord knows, I can’t keep the entire booty for myself.


jillybean said...

Mango Mama, it is the best show. Do you know she gave away an LG refrigerator that has a DVD player in it? This used to be the show to get tickets for. This year Oprah did something different. She surprised the people in GA with the show. They thought it was a show featuring them because their city has the most viewers. I thought that was great!! You should have seen all of the older Black women just praying, giving thanks and crying tears of joy. It was something else.

I do know someone who has received a gift from Oprah's show. She was on the show when Oprah and Gale traveled across country and she received a camera from Sony. She loves her camera and said the excitement was unbelievable. Now if they were excited about the camera, just imagine the energy on this show!

Mama Kim said...

You all are so wonderful. Now I know my problem. I'm cynical. I know you all think I'm always cheer-y but there is this dark side of me, that does not get excited about the holidays, the gifts, etc. Am I f*&ked up? I don't even ask for anything for x-mas usually and don't expect anything. I'll stop now, this is starting to sound like a therapy session.
Mama Kim

ebony said...

I'm not a faithful Oprah viewer, but I saw this show and all I can say is "man oh man". Ellen commented on her show that the tickets for her Christmas give-away shows go in an hour or less, but Ellen didn't give away a refrigerator with a DVD player so O's probably go faster. This is what dreams are made of.