Monday, October 15, 2007

Earning His Keep

When I found Max two months ago on Craig’s List, he was a cute, black-stripped tabby in search of a forever home. Since that time he’s morphed into Mad Max, a furry terror destroying my beloved plants and breaking picture frames left and right. His cuteness is wearing thin quickly.

Up until I had my kids, I considered myself a pet person, but once the babies hit the scene, any creatures that depended on me for sustenance, are merely a pain in the butt. When Loverman first moved in, I inherited Nia, a street-wise cat, that didn’t just kill mice, she pulverized them. In fact, that’s why Loverman named her Nia, because in some West African language Nia supposedly means purpose, and Nia’s sole purpose was to rid our home of the occasional little, fuzzy vermin, and she did so with a vengeance. The only evidence of her crime was a few smudges of blood in the tub or along a floorboard. Unfortunately, Nia died earlier this year, thus, the search for her replacement on Craig’s List.

Now, for those of you not familiar with the habits and tendencies of cats, it’s important to note that not all cats are mousers, and from what I’ve been told, most cats simply swat mice to death, but I’m happy to report, last night, Max lived up to the legacy of his predecessor and actually caught and ate (well most of) his first mouse.

Mad Max, welcome to the family!

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