Monday, March 30, 2009

By My Own Hand

These past months of dire economic news has got me to thinking about my own financial stability… or better yet, my ability to ensure my financial solvency in case Loverman or me lose our j.o.b.

I remember my grandmother always reminding us to have something to fall back on in case our Plan A falls through. My dad went to barbering school and cut hair on the weekends while he was in undergrad. About 20 years ago, my mom started making jewelry and now not only does she make and sell some fabulous stuff, she also teaches jewelry making classes to kids and adults. I’ve always admired my girl, Kim, because when she was a child, her mother taught her how to sew and she’s a wizard with the sewing machine.

Sure, I’m talented, but for the longest, I’ve been at a loss when trying to identify something I can make (and possibly sell) by my own hands. Well… no longer… I think I’ve finally found my “homemade thing,” that can keep a little mad money in my pocket. It’s CUPCAKES! That’s right--- cupcakes, the world’s most perfect food. I’ve been a fan of cupcakes all my life and sure, I know in chi-chi places like NY or LA, cupcake boutiques may be pass√©, but cupcakes are the original comfort food and as long as kids are celebrating birthdays, cupcakes will be in vogue.

I’ve been serious about baking cupcakes for the last 18 months, trying different recipes and pawning them off on family and friends for feedback. Most of my efforts have been successful, but despite how tasty they are, my icing/decorating efforts have been woefully lacking. In other words, they taste good, but look homely and homemade.

That’s until last week when Olivia and I got a hands-on cake-decorating lesson from a talented teacher at the kids’ school. This young lady decorated cakes as a way to finance her college education. She actually made wedding cakes on the side while getting her undergraduate degree. During our three-hour lesson, we learned how to use the pastry bags, couplers and different decorating tips. We had an absolute ball and are looking forward to learning a lot more.

Yesterday I decided to bake a fresh batch of cupcakes and practice my newly acquired skills in preparation of my babies’ upcoming April birthdays. Witness my newest creation--- Lemon Drop Cupcakes, and I’m happy to say, these little sweeties look as good as they taste!


Anonymous said...

You're, by far, the Queen of Cupcakes!

Brandon said...

Um, when am I going to get a sample?

Anonymous said...

why did mine post as Brandon???? It's Lisa S - wierd.

Tamara said...

Check out and look at the rainbow cupcake in a recent post. My girl "Angella" is a beautiful writer--and her daughter apparently makes a mean cupcake.

Angella Lister said...

Your cupcakes are beautiful! Your journey to this place sounds so similar to my daughter's. I am going to email this post to her. She has a fledgling blog herself, the second (and to date most recent) entry of which was about getting the icing right--or rather, getting it wrong on the way to getting it right. You are kindred spirits. And she, too, is starting to think about a home cupcake business. Good luck to you both.