Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wii Havin' Fun

Has anyone out there heard of folks developing a Wii elbow or shoulder?

Santa bought the Mango Tribe a Wii this Christmas and hands-down it’s the best gift we’ve ever received. Everyone has been playing it, including my in-laws visiting from Sacramento and even my 80 year-old Aunt Elaine, who joined us for Christmas dinner. The kids, Loverman and me have even created our individual Miis and I’m happy to report that my Wii fitness age is an impressive 33 (not bad at all for a 43 year-old).

But, this morning after bowling a few rounds with the kids and beating Loverman in the best out of five in tennis, I noticed that my right shoulder is really sore and as pitiful as this may sound, playing these Wii games have been most physical exercise I’ve had in weeks. I had to pop two Motrin and take a nap to get myself together.

I’m sure hitting the tennis ball on the Wii Sports court may not be an adequate substitute for getting my butt out on a real tennis court, but it’s better than nothing. Now if I could just get my hands on the Wii Fit.


msladydeborah said...

My twenty year olds complain about being sore after a Wii session too.

This is my first visit here. I will return!

Mango Mama said...

Thanks! I was starting to think I was simply woefully out of shape.

Thanks for visiting and commenting! I'll be sure to visit your blog. Be well.

Barb said...

We got a Wii last year and RockBand this year. OMG, you should see me jamming on the guitar. I'm amazing (in my head)!