Saturday, December 6, 2008

Get Dressed!

Have you noticed this stupid new sartorial trend being sported by mostly suburban teen girls--- wearing flannel pajamas outside as fashion? Most cap it off with shuffling around in sherpa-like slippers.

Just yesterday, I saw a young lady, no older than 13, with her mother, and this kid looked like she'd simply rolled out of bed, into the car and unexpectantly found herself at the dentist office. The child looked a hot mess and what was her mother thinking letting the girl venture out the house looking like that?

So, why isn't there the public outrage, like with young Black men started wearing jeans hanging off their off their butt? I've always had little tolerance for this particular fashion choice. In fact, I know if most kids knew the root of the slung low pants is in prisoner culture as a calling card for the brothers willing to engage in sexual activity with other men, a lot more brothers would pull their pants up with a quickness. I'm sure most are more tolerant because it's mostly blond haired, blue-eyed Susies in their pjs.

Whatever! --- These girls look stupid and sloppy and need to get dressed before they head out the door.


Nerd Girl said...

Okay, I'm so old I didn't realize this was an actual trend!! I've seem it a few times and thought "oh, she must've just been released from the hospital." Seriously.

I am so not with it! I'm not sure what's going through these parents minds. I'm all for freedom of expression. To a point. You will not walk around looking any kind of way if I'm your mama. Period.

I had a good friend get seriously upset with me because I told her (she asked) that I didn't think her sons should be out in public with do rags on their heads. Gotta have standards people!

Afi said...

Lisa, this trend has been around for more than a decade. I first saw it in 2001, when I was teaching at Ohio Wesleyan University. Maybe it's trickled down to the teenagers now.

I don't have anything to say about how teens dress. The more we adults complain, the more stubborn the kids will be.

QueenGeek said...

This is nothing but bad parenting. My dad had a saying when we were kids...The most you can hope for is a benevolent dictatorship. Protest my butt!!! We did as we were told. End of story and if we didn't....we could discuss it with his belt. Pahhhleeeze...folks crack me up talking about what their child won't do. Who buys the clothes? Who buys the food? Who is the adult and who is the child?

Mango Mama said...

Nerd Girl, You're absolutely right... right to express one's self has limits.

Afi, When you were teaching at OWU, were your students coming to class in their pajamas? PITIFUL!

QueenGeek, My parents and your parents definitely come from the same "old school" and believe me, I'm following in their footsteps with my two.

Afi said...

Yes, Mango Mama, students were coming to class in their cute PJs.
The PJ's were so cute, I complimented a students on her warm flannel slacks.
"Oh, Dr. Scruggs," she said. "These are my pajamas."

Now, since you're so upset about the PJs, I guess I won't mention the flip-flops that kids wore unless there was about an inch of snow.

Mango Mama said...

Afi, You've got to be kidding! Sometimes I do believe we're going to hell in a hand basket.