Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beyond Clean House

O.k., I just finished watching Clean House’s Messiest House in America 2 on the Style Channel. I’m a huge fan of Clean House and absolutely adore Miss Niecy Nash. Olivia and I watch it religiously and on more than one occasion I’ve asked myself how in the hell can the people featured on the show live in such clutter?

For the second year, Niecy and her crew have ventured out of California in search of the “Messiest House in America,” and this year a hapless couple outside of Allentown, PA won the dubious honor. Homeowners Phil and Mindy are obviously down on their luck and seem to be at their wits end when it comes to taking control of their lives, but what they presented to Clean House and exposed to the rest of America is not the messiest house in America, but possibly the nastiest house in America. I’m talking a house reeking with pet urine and mounds of cat poop in a hole in the wall. Surprising, there was no sign of a cat and when this was mentioned, Phil and Mindy explained they haven’t had a cat in over a year. Ok, now! Phil and Mindy went on to admit not having cleaned their tub or toilet in over a year. What the hell?

The show goes through its usual process of trying to pry all the unnecessary crap away from the homeowners to be sold at a yard sale, but unlike previous episodes, the usually bright and positive cast seems totally outdone by Phil and Mindy’s mayhem and make overtly snide comments throughout the show. I understand. Recently, I read a Washington Post article about this particular episode and the cast and crew of Clean House was posted up at this nasty crib for an 11-day shoot. I’m sure it’s difficult to keep the niceties up in this sort of filth for a full 11 days.

These folks do need a home overhaul, but first they need serious mental therapy to determine how these two enablers joined forces to live in such abhorrent squalor. Phil and Mindy need more substantial help than Clean House is prepared to provide and unfortunately, there’s no way this couple will be able to maintain the physical transformation done to their home.


Nerd Girl said...

Ewww - I saw that on the 4th! (We don't have whatever channel that is) Absolutely disgusting. I never claimed to be Susie Homemaker, but that was straight toxic! You're right, they need much more help than a television crew could ever be.

boilersrock said...

Holy crap, I saw that same episode as well late a night. I couldn't believe how much Minday KEPT CRYING. I just wanted to smack her in the face after awhile.

I used to work as an "account manager" (i.e. collector) for a rent-to-own company so I've seen houses that dang nasty. Flea, cockroaches, urine, little helpless children living in squalor. ugh!

Mango Mama said...

All I want to know is--- aren't they the least ashame of their filth. How do you come to a place where you're willing to show so much of your own ass on TV? I couldn't even get my head around their wanting to bring a child into such chaos.

Anonymous said...

I would like to commend them (Mindy and Phil)on their courage.

Courage to sleep in that cesspool.
Courage to let anyone (especially cameras !) in the house.
Courage to admit that they live like that.

What I want to see is the place a year from now. I just have the feeling that their lame, lazy, filthy asses will have trashed the place again.

There is no excuse (back injury, sterility, fatigue, etc) for anything even close to that.

We can't all live in a palace, but only animals should live in a pig sty.

I lost my dinner!

the prisoner's wife said...

i am also amazed at how messy some houses are. my thought is how can you even FUNCTION in a mess like that? having a 2-year-old has made me privy to some messes, but LAWD, i couldn't make it in those houses. Nicey is COMEDY though, i love her snappy comebacks.

pam said...

quite inspirational. sometimes people expect kids to be either too adult or perpertual babies. you recognize your kid is a kid with a personality.

im not sure i make any sense but its a great approach.

Anonymous said...

I watched this tonight. That couple have mental and emotional issues, big time. They were shameless, especially Phil, in their filth beyond measure and the excuses for not taking responsibility. They had time for multiple hobbies and game nights while their bathroom had layers of feces, literally. I threw up in my mouth a little. It was vile. A closet FULL of petrified animal feces, and their bed comforter covered in stains from the dog. Ewwww. Lazy Filthy Pigs... and they thought they were going to be able to foster or adopt a child... for real?!?! A shrink should have been brought in for this couple. Someone talked about their courage; I disagree. They were so beyond lazy filthy - it made my skin crawl.

High Sierra said...

Holy Cr**, pardon my French. If Mindy and Phil ever do decide to have/adopt/foster a child, I hope someone has the good sense to call DCFS. They have some serious mental problems.

The scene with Mindy and Phil in bed mummering, "They just don't understand people like us" was the tip off.